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February 2019

We found a UKC snow pull in Maine February 24 and 25 so we entered Nathan. It was pretty worrisome as we had 50 degree plus days the week before but they managed to keep some around. Nathan did fantastic even tho the snow was pretty mushy on saturday, Sunday was better. Anyhow Nathan is now a United Weight Puller from UKC in one weekend. He won his class in all three shows. We learned alot from everyone at the United Dog Sports of Northern New England club.

January 2019

Nathan has started on a new adventure... Weight pulling. We had been doing some sledding towards Working dog title through Siberian Husky Club of Canada, and Nathan was fantastic at it, well actually so were his sisters. He just like to pull so we investigated weight pulling. We went to Lake Placid where the Region 5 IWPA had their pull. They have a novice class to see if it's something your dog would enjoy. Which he did!! So seeings how their year ends in March we will join next fall!

December 8-9, 2017

We has entered Nathan this weekend as is was our club's cluster weekend. But he was finished so we moved him up in hopes of maybe getting a few select points towards his grand championship and he does!! Select on Friday for a major and select on Saturday for 2 more. 20% there as someone told us. LOL

November 24-26,2017

Nathan had taken some time off to grow his coat back, we took him to the Thanksgiving day cluster in West Springfield, Mass. We entered all four days hoping to get him done. 

Friday he goes Best of winners for his second major.

Saturday winners dog

Sunday Best of Winners for his third major and the last 3 points he needed!! He also goes Best Owner Handler over specials and then takes an Owner Handler Group 4

September 2017

Sept 10 Nathan picks up 1 more point in Nashua,NH

Finally able to get Harmony to another Canadian show to try and finish her as she only needed one point. Went to Club Canin Chomedy on friday as there were two shows and she only needed one point. all breed show she goes reserve then at the limited Group 3 show she goes Best of Breed!! Thank you to judge,  Elizardo Valadez.  That gave her 3 points. And it was over grand champions and specialty winner animals!!

August 4-6 2017

Trying to get Harmony finished we drive to Quebec City beautiful place but not nice to our car.

Friday Harmony gets best puppy but no points

saturday Best of winners and Best puppy

Sunday Best of Winners and Best Puppy but missed her final point by 1 dog not showing :(

August 27 at Elm City Kennel Club Nathan gets another AKC point. Not bad for just a year old and limited showing

July 2017

We went to the Chateauguay Valley Kennel Club shows June 30, July 1 and 2 which held a regional specialty in conjunction to the all breed.

Mr Nathan and his sister got out the night before we left, Harmony was found but no sight of Nathan. We drove back and forth each day while having the neighbors on the lookout. Talk about stressful!!!

So without Nathan, Harmony kicks butt and wins Best in Sweeps out of 17 entries!! Thank you Serge Boudrias

Then not to be outdone mom, Ari, gets an award of Merit at the specialty! Thank you Barbara Heal

July 16 

Green Mountain Dog Club Nathan doesn't do anything but mom, Ari goes Winners Bitch and "Best of Opposite for 1 point and sister Harmony goes reserve.

June 2017

June 24 we went to the the Penobscot Valley Kennel Club in Maine with Nathan and Harmony. They both came home Winners! Nathan beat his sister for Best of Winners and Best Bred By. He also got a Best Bred By Exhibitor Group 4. Too bad they changed judges on Sunday to one that we won't show to.

June 8-12 we went to the 5 shows put on by the St Francis Kennel Club in Brome, Quebec. We had hoped to get some points on Harmony and Nathan and to finish Ari as she only needed 2 more points to finish. Show #1 on Thursday she does that and then some!!

Show #1 Ari finished her championship by going Winners Female, Best of Winners and Best of Breed over a champion. The she got a Group 4 to finish with a bang.

Show #2 Ari from the champions class takes Best of Breed again. Nathan goes Best of Winners for 3 points. Then Ari got another Group 4!!

Show #3 Harmony's first show she goes Winners Female, Best of Winners, Best Puppy Best Bred By Exhibitor and Best of Breed over a champion from the classes for 2 points!! Beating Her brother, Nathan, who was Winners Male.

Show #4 Nathan decided it was his turn again. Winners Dog, Best of Winners, Best Puppy, Best Owner Handler, and Best of Breed over champions including mom, Ari for 3 more points!

Show #5 Nathan Winners Dog for his final point. Nathan is now a Canadian champion!! Harmony goes Winners Female, Best of Winners, and Best Puppy in Breed for two points.


June 3 we took Nathan to a UKC, he was the only Siberian and non champion in the Northern Group. He did get 50 points and 1 competition win.


June 2 we head to Yankee Siberian Husky Club specialties. Nathan comes home with a Best of Opposite Sex in Sweepstakes like his sister did in March. No love in the regular classes but they did great as puppies.

April 15-16, 2017

Nathan and Ari go to Windsor, Quebec to try and get some points. Ari picks up two more and Nathan get started on his championship with 3 points.

March 4 - 5, 2017

We took Nathan and Harmony to the Ct Valley Working Group Specialty show and just under 7 months. We are so proud of these babies!! Harmony went reserve to the majors both days from the Bred By Exhibitor class. Nathan went Winners Dog on both days and Sunday went Best of Winners to get a 3 point major!! Harmony took a Best of Opposite in Sweepstakes on Sunday as well.

February 18, 2017

We took Harmony to her first show at 6 months and 6 days to the Ct Valley Siberian Husky Club specialties.  We were very happy how she placed at both shows in the Bred By Exhibitor class against older more mature females.

June 2016

Ari and Laura did it again they picked up another 3 points but that's going to be it for now, plans are to breed Ari as her "boyfriend" is headed to the Ukraine.

April/May 2016

We hadn't done much showing but our daughter, Laura, decided it was time to get Ari out and on April 30,2016 they did it with a bang. Winners Bitch and Best of Winners for 3 points!! Then a Reserve winners the next day.


We have been very lax in keeping our website updated and I apologize. 2015 was really all about the horse but she's got this year off from showing to have a baby so 2016 will be more dog orientated. Laura was able to finish her beagle Ivy in the US and Canada. we are very proud of her as she is a junior owner handler and finished Ivy in the US with 3 majors with several being BOB.

Cash goes Best of Breed over specials January 31,2015 missed a major by just 1 animal :( 

July 2014

Cash goes Reserve Winners dog at the Quebec Regional Specialty as a very naked boy.  Jovi and Laura go Best Baby Puppy in Specialty at the same show. Thank you very much to judge, Julia Rylander.

June 2014

Cash picks up another 3 points towards his Canadian Championship with a Best of Winners and Best Puppy in Breed. Snowdancer's U Give Love A Bad Name, Jovi, gets 2 Best Baby Puppy in Group

May 2014

Snowdancer's Walk The Line, Cash, picks up 1 point at the Ottawa Kennel Club show and a Best Puppy in Breed

March 2014

Snowdancer's Walk The Line, Cash, goes Best of Opposite Sex in Sweeps both days at the Connecticut Valley Working Group!!

December 2013

Our club, Champlain Valley Kennel Club held their annual show in west Springfield, MA in conjunction with the Eastern Dog Club December 6-8, 2013.

Club had a good turn out but we too had a good weekend. Shoni, picks up her first points as a major on Friday!! Saturday she finished her Rally Novice title with a 97, and Sunday Shoni and Laura win Best Junior Handler.

November 2013

November 23-24, 2013  

 Shoni picks up 2 legs of her Rally Novice Title. The first leg was on the nose with a 70 but still counts!! :)

August 2013

Puppies arrive August 26th. ALL boys!! See puppies page

Sheldon, Snowdancer's Anybody Out There? is also available 

May 2013

Not a busy year with the dogs. New puppies arrive April 12th. Comet finds a new home May 24th. Azar is still looking :) Found a home in late May :) 

September 2012

9/1-9/3/12 Took Mindy to the Cornwall District Kennel Club Show with a booster on Saturday. She was very consistently Reserve winners all 3 days we were entered:( Someday maybe!!! LOL:)

June 2012

6/3/12 Tori becomes our first American Champion!!!! Thank you to her breeders James & Tina Harbert of Tiji Siberians for showing her for us!!

6/2/12 Miley is headed to a new hope best of luck Angela!!

May 2012

5/20/12 Went to Montreal to the Siberian Husky Club of Canada's Quebec regional with Ari and Teka. Ari did very well at her first show placed second out of 7 to a half brother even :) in the sweepstakes class but nothing in the regular classes for her or Teka :( Laura then took Ari into the Novice Junior handling class where they placed 4th out of 7 :)

Early on Sunday morning Shasta has 1 little red boy

5/19/12 Went to Maine with Rocky to finish his Rally Novice title, which he did with a 94 missed placing by 1 point!!

5/12/12 Rocket, a Mother's Day gift comes to live with us :) Thanks Deb

5/11/12 Updated a few pages, added Ari and removed Ranger who now lives with a great family nearby

April 2012

4/5 -4/6/12 Rocky goes to the Troy Kennel Club and Trap Falls Kennel Club Rally trials and gets a 92 on Saturday and a 82 on Sunday ( I have a minor disagreement in the judge's call on 1 of the stations but we still qualified)

March 2012

3/3/12 Teka wins her Open Bitch class at the CT Valley Working Group show but no points

February 2012

2/1/12 We have now been approved for membership in the Siberian Husky Club of America!

November 2011

11/20/11 Tori almost finished!! But with the major on the nose someone who showed Saturday decided not to show up on Sunday so the major broke, Tori still got Winners Bitch and Best of Winners but that was only good for 2 points :( Try again soon

11/6/11 Mindy goes to the Burlington Obedience Training Club's annual show to get her last AKC Rally Novice leg. She did it!! With a 98 score, thank you to judge Denise Lacroix, believe it or not that didn't even get us a placement but that's ok she's now Snowdancer's Champagne Julep AKC/CKC RN, CGC :)

October 2011

10/23/11 While we were the US Nationals, Jim & Tina had Tori at a show in Georgia. They helped her pick up her first major!! 1 more to go for her American Championship. Thank you to judge Lee Canalizo.

10/22-10/29/11 We took Shoni, Shasta and Ranger to the Yankee Siberian Husky Club regional shows, and the Siberian Husky Club of America's National in Fitchburg, Massachusetts. Shoni won her small class both days at Yankee's specialties. Shasta won her large Am-Bred class (11 entries) on Saturday. Shoni placed 4th at the Nationals in a moderately sized class, we were very happy.

10/20/11 After a long labor and birthing process, Teka gave birth to 2 girls and 1 boy. Pictures coming soon!!! Pictures are up on planned litters page and they have their own album in the gallery.

10/07-10/09/11 Our All breed kennel club, Champlain Valley Kennel Club, had their annual match and show. Friday night was the match Laura went best junior handler over 6 other kids, she's very excited to start showing at the AKC shows next year. Saturday, Shoni went Reserve Winners Bitch and Best Bred By, and got a Best Bred By Group 2. Sunday, Shasta went Winners Bitch and Best of Winners for 2 points, congratulations to Ramona for handling her to the win :) Mindy did our Rally entry she placed 4th out of 13 dogs on Saturday and tied for first on Sunday with a 99 but we ended up with third because of time and again 13 dogs. Lucky 13!!

September 2011

 9/30/11 Mindy passes her OFA with an Excellent!

9/3-9/5/11 We spent Labor Day weekend dog showing with dog friend :) Mindy goes reserve winners Saturday and Sunday. Mindy finally gets Winners Bitch and Best of Winners Monday for her first 2 points. Rainy weather prevented a nice show win.

August 2011

8/27-8/28/11 In spite of Hurricane Irene we go to the SD & G club shows in Long Sault, Ontario. Shasta goes reserve winners bitch on Saturday. Sunday, Shasta goes Winners Bitch and Best of Winners for 3 points. Then she and her sister,Shoni, go Best Brace in Show again for another all breed win this time in Canada :)Hurriacane winds and rain prevented a nice win photo :(

8/12/11 Tori goes reserve winners bitch to a 5 point major, after winning the open bitch class of 10 bitches, at the Greater Hickory Kennel Club show, Thanks to Tina handling her and to judge William Daugherty!!!

July  2011

7/26/11 Rocky gets a good OFA rating!!

7/23/11 Went to the Limestone Kennel Club show in Kingston,Ontario to the Siberian specialty. Shasta get a second in Bred by. But the most exciting news is the Shasta & Shoni get another Best Brace In Specialty Show!!!

7/14 -7/17/11 We went to 4 different shows in Tunbridge, Vermont. Teka was Winners Bitch/Best of Winners and Best Opposite on Thursday for 1 point, Winners Bitch and Best of Breed (nothing in group) on Friday for 1 point, Winners Bitch and Best Opposite Saturday for 1 more point and nothing on Sunday. Shasta was Reserve Winners all 4 days!! Teka now has 4 American points.

7/2 -7/3/11 We took Mindy and Rocky to the Chateauguy Valley Kennel Club show. Mindy finished her CKC Rally Novice title with a 96 in the first trial and secured it with another 96 in the second trial. Rocky didn't do anything on Saturday but Sunday in the morning show he went Reserve Winners Male. In the afternoon show he went Winners Dog and Best of Winners for 3 Canadian points.

June 2011

6/26/11 We went to the Penobscot Valley Kennel Club show in Cumberland, Maine. Shoni was really sure there was something to eat in the grass so she moved terribly and didn't do anything in the regular breed classes. But she made it up with Shasta's help by taking an All Breed Best Brace in Show!!

6/12/11 Mindy picks up her second Rally Novice leg with a 91. One more leg to go!!!

6/11/11 Teka finishes her Canadian Championship in grand style! Winners Bitch, Best of Winners and Best of Oppsite for 3 points when she only needed one!! Mindy picks up her first Rally Novice leg. She would have won the class if not for handler error :o

May 2011

5/22/11 Siberian Husky Club of Canada's National Specialty in Montreal Shoni & Shasta win Best Brace in Specialty again. Getting hooked on brace :) Shasta places 4th in Bred by and Shoni makes the cut to 16 dogs for best of breed.

5/21/11 We went to the Siberian Husky Club of Canada's Regional Specialty in Montreal. Shoni and Shasta win Best Brace in Specialty. At the all breed show also that day Shasta goes Reserve Winners Bitch.

April 2011

4/21/11 Tori goes Winners Bitch once again thank you Mr. David Bolus and now is singled out. Now we are looking for majors

4/16/11 Tori in Indiana passed her CERF exam and Ranger, Rocky, Malina, Mindy, Shoni & Shasta in Vermont pass as well as Rocky and Mindy's littermate Thor pass :)

4/16/-4/17 Tori and Tina do it again with another 2 points thank you to judges Mr. Kenneth Buxton  and Ms Nancy S Amburgery

4/9-4/10/11 Tori goes Best of Breed both days for 2 more points at Saginaw, MI. Thank you to judges Col Jerry H Weiss USMC (ret) and Marjorie Martorella. Saturday she also takes a Group 3!!!! Beating out 225 dogs in the other 21 breeds 7 with majors and 14 Grand Champions. With that only group placing it puts her at number 15 Siberian all breeds as of March 2011. Thank you to judge, Joan Anselm and of course Tori's handler & breeder, Tina :)

March 2011

3/4-3/6/11 Took Ranger and Teka to Scarborough Kennel Club show in Orangeville,Ontario. Teka goes winners bitch Friday for 1 point and Ranger, with Laura on the lead, goes Best of Opposite, Best of Winners and Best puppy in breed for 2 points. Thank you to judge, Dr Michael Woods. Saturday is a repeat Teka winners bitch for 2 points and Ranger, with Laura, Best of Opposite, Best of Winners and Best Puppy in Breed for 2 points. Thank you to judge Brian Taylor. Sunday both go Reserve Winners.

3/5-3/6/11 Tori goes Reserve winners bitch both days at the Detroit Kennel club.


February 2011

2/23- 2/24/11 Tori go Reserve winners bitch both days at Park Shores Kennel club and Blackhawk Kennel Club. 

2/19/11 We took Ranger, Teka and Shoni to the CT Valley Siberian Husky Club's annual specialty. Teka did not do anything there were 9 bitches in her Bred By Exhibitor class. Ranger took 2nd out of 3 in Sweepstakes and 4 out of 4 in the 9-12 month regular classes ( didn't want to hold still). Shoni took 3rd out 5 in Sweepstakes and First out of 5 in the 12-18 month regular class. We are very proud of that little girl :)

2/11/11 Tori and Tina get another point! Thank you to judge Joanne Schullier.

2/10/11 Tina takes Tori to another Best of Winners for another point. Thank you to judge Harold Pybus.

January 2011

1/29/11 Tori goes Winners Bitch with Tina again Thank you to judge Helen Lee James.

1/28/11 Tori goes to her first show with Tina and wins Winners Bitch and Best of Winners.Thank you to judge Jane Haefner.

December 2010

Teka passes her OFA with a good.

November 2010

11/27/10 Final Working Dog leg completed!!!!

11/25/10 Before Thanksgiving dinner we got another Working Dog leg in on Shoni, Ranger and Rocky  One more to go!!!!

11/20 - 11/21 Things tend to happen to for a reason, we could not take Teka to the Ottawa Kennel Club show but thanks to Genvieve Raymond she got there without us. It was a great thing she did, Saturday under Argentinian judge Enrique Filippini Teka went Winners Bitch and Best of Opposite over specials for 3 points! Then Sunday under Mexican judge Connie Otero Teka went Best of Winners and Best of Opposite for another 3 points! Thank you Genvieve!!

While they we doing great at the show we managed to put a nice long (20 miles)working dog leg on Shoni, Ranger and Rocky. Rocky is doing fabulous as a co-leader with Kasper

11/14/10 Finally get a full leg (10 miles)of a working dog title on Ranger, Rocky, and Shoni!!!

11/6-11/7 Saturday Shasta goes Reserve Winners over Teka.  Sunday Shasta goes Winners Bitch for 2 points and Teka goes Reserve Winners.Not too bad for a spoiled house puppy

October 2010
10/23/10 Tori goes to her breeders, Jim & Tina Harbert, in Michigan for training and showing Good luck Jim & Tina
September 2010

09/25-09/26 Shoni gets her UKC points and 2 competition wins.


09/09/10 Georgia goes to her new home. Where she's fitting in very well.


9/4-9/6/10 We take Shoni as a "naked" special :) for the first time and Mindy to her first show ever to Cornwall District Kennel Club over Labor Day weekend. Mindy gets reserve winners bitch Saturday and Monday under judges, Ole Neilsen and Dr. Michael Woods. Mindy also wins her sweepstakes class at the Siberian Husky Club of Canada Ontario with Laura handling :) Shoni wins Best of Opposite Sex in Sweepstakes. Thank you to judge, Genvieve Raymond.

 Our biggest surprise came on Sunday at the SHCC Ontario Booster when Canadian Siberian Breeder-Judge Heather Brennan gave Shoni Best of Opposite Sex over the Number 2 Siberian in Canada!!!

August 2010

 8/28/10 We take Shoni to SD & G in Long Sault, Ontario, She's completely out of coat and finishes her Canadian championship with 4 points by winning WB, BW,BOB and Best Puppy under respected American Siberian Breeder-Judge, Jean Fournier!!!!!


8/14 & 8/15/10 We went to Ste. Marie de Beauce, Quebec with Shoni for 4 shows in 2 days. She takes WB, and BOB under judge, Thora Brown for 3 points. She goes reserve winners bitch at the other 3 shows. Best Puppy in Breed all 4 shows.


8/7 & 8/8/10 We took Shoni to Ste Foy, Quebec. She gets Winners Bitch for 2 more points on Saturday. Thank you judge, Larry Kereluke. She went Reserve winners on Sunday. 
July 2010


 07/18/10 Shoni goes reserves Winners at the Green Mountain Dog club show in Essex Jct, VT. Thank you to judge,Roger Frey.

7/16/10 Snowdancer's Hoshonti, Shoni, took Best Puppy in Group at the match. Snowdancer's Champagne Julep, Mindy, took Best Adult in Group (turned 1 year 7/2) handle solely by our 7 year old daughter, Laura :)

7/3/10 Shoni goes to her first show at the Chateauguay Valley Kennel Club in St Antoine Abbe and comes home with a Best of Winners, Best Puppy in Breed and a BEST PUPPY IN GROUP!!! A huge Thank you to judge Patricia Lanctot.

June 2010

6/12/10 & 6/13/10 Georgia goes Reserve Winners bitch both days at the St. Francis Kennel Club in Brome, Quebec. Pictures in album Spring 2010.


6/10/10 Shoni goes Best of Breed over another puppy at the St Francis Kennel Club's match and doesn't hurt the little ankle biter that tried to attack her Pictures in album Spring 2010.

6/05/10 We welcome Ranger to our pack! Pictures in album Spring 2010.


6/01/10 Happy 9th birthday to Willie!!

May 2010

5/28/10 Happy 2nd Birthday to Teka, Peewee, Tundra, Ali & Porter!!!

5/2/10 Tori goes Reserve Winner bitch at the ClubCanin Rive-Sud De Montreal.

April  2010


04/17/10 We took the crew to the CERF clinic offered by the Chateauguay Valley Kennel Club. Teka, Tori, Malina, Georgia, Mindy, Rocky and Diesel all passed 

February 2010

2/28/10 We took Rocky and Teka to a Match in Three Rivers, Quebec. Rocky got Best of Breed and Best Puppy. He the got a Group 3 and Best Puppy in Group. He also got a second in his Sweepstakes class to the dog that went Best in Sweeps!

2/00/10 Mindy gets her Canine Good Citizen with co-owner Jessica. Congratulation girls!!

January 2010


1/17/10 We had a friend who wanted a way to burn some of her Rottweiler's excess energy, so she thought maybe hooking her into our team would be a good. Lizzy did well except whenever I talked to the team she wanted to turn and see what I was talking about. So told her mom, Denise, "I'm sorry your dog is too obedient to run away with the team" :) A couple of photos are in our gallery under winter fun.


1/16/10 Diesel goes to his new home. Congratulations Rob & Jen :)

1/16/10 Starting to get pups and Georgia ready for upcoming show season by going to handling classes. Photos can be seen in our photo gallery under Handling classes.

December 2009

12/12/09 We did a small demo for Johnson's Holiday celebration. Go to photo gallery for see a few pictures :)

12/1/09 Beautiful morning with a short run :)

 12/6/09 We finished 5 Working Dog titles, thanks goes to Kasper & Corina for letting Kasper come and live with us :)


November 2009

11/26/09 Thanksgiving day and a beautiful day so we ran the dogs, follow the link to a short clip. 


11/22/09 We went to the Ottawa Kennel Club show in Kemptville, Ontario. Teka didn't do anything in breed, but we picked up our new girl, Georgia . Thanks again, Eric for entrusting her with us.



11/13/09-11/15/09 We went to the United Kennel Club registry show in Taunton, MA. Teka did fantastic, Friday with no breed competition she place Group 1 over a Grand Champion Chinook, American Eskimo, & Chow :) Friday the 13th is lucky for us. She then got a Group 4 on Saturday in show 1, nothing in show 2. Sunday she had 1 other Siberian and got BOB both shows, nothing in group in show 1 but got another Group 4 in show 2. In 1 weekend and 5 shows she finished her UKC championship.


11/07/09 We went to the Canadian United Kennel Club show. I'm not sure what I was thinking when I entered Rally to try and Finish Teka's title. It's held at the Olympic Stadium and they make it like a zoo. Sirens going off for the agility and flyball stuff. I was having trouble focusing but Teka managed enough to finish her title with a 79.We didn't do anything in breed.

October 2009

10/21/09 Mindy goes to live with her new Co-Owners.


10/10/09 Cowboy was unfortunately not able to stay with us but has found a wonderful new home with 2 little boys to call his own.

September 2009

9/27/09 This was a good day for us!! Tori passes her CERF.  Cowboy goes Reserve Winners Dog. Teka finishes her Rally Title with an 84, Thank you Donna Cassista. Then Later in the morning, in the Breed classes she goes Winners Bitch, Best Of Breed and Best Bred by Exhibitor. Thank you Joan Goldstein!In the afternoon shes takes the Best Bred by Exhibitor in Group,and a Group 4 with 10 breeds competing!!!!THANK YOU, David McIntyre!!!!


9/26/09  At the  Lewiston-Auburn Kennel Club show in Topsham, Maine. Cowboy took Best Puppy, nothing in Group. Teka took Reserve Winners bitch, Thank you Donald Pelland.


9/20/09 We took Cowboy and Tori for a match in Woodstock for a warm up for our next show. Cowboy did very well taking a Puppy Working Group 1. Tori did well also by taking a Adult Best in Match.


9/19/09 Hooked up Teka, Tori, Diesel, Malina, Cowboy and Kasper. WHAT A BLAST!!!!

 9/6/09 Teka gets her second CKC Rally Novice leg with a score of 95 and a first place at the Cornwall District Kennel.

                            Cowboy comes to live with us, Thank you, Eric.

9/5/09 Teka gets her first CKC Rally Novice leg with a score of 89 and a fourth place at the Cornwall District Kennel Club show.


August 2009

8/27/09 Puppy selections are made everyone starts going to their new homes. Rocky and Mindy stay here with us!smile


 8/21/09 Kasper arrives!!Cannot wait for cooler weather to get everyone going in harness with an experienced leader big grin
 8/11/09 Diesel's OFA results come back EXCELLENT!!

8/1/09 Teka gets her second AKC leg for Rally Novice with a score of 86 at the Pioneer Valley Kennel Club.

July 2009

7/12/09 Teka gets her first AKC Rally Novice leg with a score of 76 at the Green Mountain Dog Club show.

7/2/09 Puppies arrive!!!
May 2009

5/3/09 Tori goes Reserve Winners bitch at the York County Kennel Club, Thak you, Donald Fitzsimmons. Tori was handled by Cynthia Zuk.


Malina, Teka and Diesel pass their CERF exams


April 2009

4/26/09 Tori goes Winners Bitch for 2 points and Best Puppy

 in Breed at Club Canin Riv-Sud d'Montreal. Thank you, Donald Fitzsimmons.


4/25/09 Teka goes Reserve Winners and Best Puppy in

Breed at Club Canin Riv-Sud d'Montreal. Thank you, Alvin Krause.





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